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June 19, 2010

WCF Client Functionality and Silverlight

Filed under: Silverlight, WCF — dfbaskin @ 10:22 pm

I’ve been looking into Windows Communications Foundation (WCF) functionality, specifically focusing on client features for .NET and Silverlight clients, as a foundation for creating business applications.

So why wouldn’t I just use the WebClient or HttpWebRequest classes? These classes are simple to understand and use. And they don’t introduce the complexity of the WCF framework.

This is true, of course, but WCF offers flexibility that business applications require to implement additional management and interoperability features. Specifically, WCF offers a host of extensibility points that business applications can make use of, such as custom validation, service logging, and data manipulation.

This flexibility is also important where business applications have to rely on outside services. Third-party REST and SOAP services are more ubiquitous and integrating with these services is a common business requirement. These services are a "black box" and your application must manage change that is beyond your control.

Here are a few links to information related to WCF client functionality:

So I hope to post some code examples soon exploring some aspects of WCF client programming.


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